About Andy King

Andy L. King
Community Servant
& Youth Empowerment Leader

In 2009, I ran to represent our community in the New York City Council against incumbent Councilmember Larry Seabrook. We ran a campaign that was inviting, engaging, and informative. I thank everyone who came out to vote and I am looking forward to engaging more of the community as the journey of change continues. Our campaign ran on the commitment of change on how our community should be protected, informed and engaged. I am reaching out to you because the New York City Council’s role is critical in passing local ordinances, assuring quality municipal services, and developing the City’s budget. Therefore, it is important that we have someone in the Council who has the vision and a proven commitment to serving our district. This is my mission and why I am continuing the journey. 

Growing up in the North Bronx I acquired my education from the New York City public school system in the district. I have also learned the value of family and community relationships, and the importance of volunteering. As a community servant, I am dedicated to working with people in my community in any endeavors that would improve the quality of life, whether it is assisting seniors in the fight for appropriate services, from healthcare to housing, or in the development of our next generation of leaders- our youth.

Over the past 25 years, I have been investing my time with our youth in the district to help them grow and develop, and partnered this endeavor with the seniors in the community to help close the gap between generations. This commitment inspired me to found the Bronx Youth Empowerment Program –YEP. Being elected to the 12th Councilmanic District will allow me to advocate for more resources and much needed services for our community. Whether we live in Co-op City, Edenwald, Gun Hill, Eastchester, and Baychester, Tilden, The Surrey, Boston Secor, Hillside, Olinville or any part of the 12th district, we are affected by the same issues ( e.g., lack of real affordable housing, safety, economic stability, and the need for quality teen/youth programs).

With my 30 years of volunteer work, I have established quality working relationships with the Clergy, Senior Centers, Tenant Associations, NYPD, schools and many community and civic organizations. My experience as a community organizer for Local 1199SEIU has given me the opportunity to participate in the progressive charge against the inequities in the healthcare system. Furthermore, as a former NYC Caseworker and member of DC 37-LOCAL371, I understand the needs of families.

Presently, we are laying the foundation for who will serve our families and neighbors in City Hall. I believe that with your help, I can be elected as your next City Council representative for our district when the opportunity arise.  I do hope you share my vision and I am counting on your support.  Your contribution to my campaign will be an investment in all our future.

Thank you in advance for your support and together we can create brighter tomorrows.

-Andy King
Candidate for City Council, District 12